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What is a Manufacturing Partner?

3DTechnologies4U ltd involves a network of manufacturers or service providers all over the world.

The companies within our network who manufacture the parts or provide services on behalf of 3dtechnologies4u Ltd, are considered as manufacturing partners. All those companies have agreed to our manufacturing process and meet the requirements as below:

Requirements for our partnership process

The following criteria should be met before becoming a trusted manufacturing partner with 3Dtechnologies4U:

Our company ethos is that we will act always with honesty and stand fair against everyone inside or outside our organisation.

  • Your company owns at least x1 industrial 3D printer able to produce plastic or metallic parts (for 3D printing).
  • Your company owns at least x1 3D scanner.
  • You complete the manufacturing of our order in house and not outsourced.
  • Honour a reasonable short lead time.
  • Honour the manufacturing criteria as per the order request and product description.
  • You have at least 3 years of experience in any of the services 3Dtechnologies4U offer.
  • You are an efficient and honest communicator so we can rely on you and you on our company.
  • Your company is a professional and registered business.
Optional (depending on project:
  • Your company to be able to complete post process surface treatment for 3D printed parts and/or CNC machined parts.
Privacy Disclaimer

As a manufacturing partner you accept the manufacturing responsibility of the part(s) you provide to 3Dtechnologies4U Ltd to be as per customer requirements. 3Dtechnologies4U Ltd reserve the right to return any defective or substandard parts to the manufacturers..

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